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Lead Pastor: 

Reverend Jeremy and Tiffany Cosco joined Bethel church in November 2011. Jeremy loves to study and preach God's Word and believes prayer is an essential part of Christianity and church ministry. He is convinced that if we are going to see a genuine move of God we must pray until something happens. Jeremy and Tiffany are also involved with the Christian community and many ministries outside of the church, desiring to serve all Christian’s and be a witness to the unsaved community around them. Tiffany leads our Women's Ministry and Home Fellowships and is active in many other ministries at Bethel. Jeremy and Tiffany are both graduates of Master's College and Seminary in Peterborough. They ministered in Welland and Kitchener before coming to Trenton. They also homeschool their three children, Kaylie, Nate and Gracie.

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Board Members:

Trevis Ellis (Outreach & Family Ministries)

Jason Gugliotta (Secretary)

Susette Gugliotta (Treasurer & Bookkeeper)

Tom Mackintosh (Facility Manager)

Sandra Owens (Mission & Prayer)

What We Believe

For a indepth explanation of our beliefs check: What we believe