We're a small town church with a big welcoming heart.  If you're new to the area, you feel a warm welcome and the presence of God in our church.  If you're new to Christianity, we believe you will also feel this.  We offer God's love, God's Word and God's family here at Bethel, in a contemporary, comfortable atmosphere.   Each Sunday morning we enjoy coffee and snacks together to give our church an opportunity to visit and chat before service.  Our worship service begins as it does in many churches with a time of Jesus focused worship music followed by church family announcements.   The children, 12 and under are welcome after this to attend Christian classes geared to their level.  The first Sunday of the month we share communion together before announcements, ensuring you children an opportunity to learn of this ordinance from you and the church.  Communion is something we share together as believers, there is no expectation on newcomers to join in this, but we're happy to have you observe.  On this Sunday, after communion we enjoy a time of prayer together, and with the pastor and elders.  

Preaching and teaching from the Word of God is central to Bethel.  Pastor Jeremy preaches from the Bible unapologetically and with great wisdom and passion.   In a time where many have left the authority of the Bible, Bethel is digging deeper, ensuring the source of or faith is His Word.